Bring on the Tobh


Tobh Atty

The Tobh is probably one of the best RDA’s available for vapers into cloud chasing. This thing is a beast!

The design is quite simple. The Tobh Atty comes in 3 sections including the top cap, sleeve and deck. The deck features 3 posts in the usual setup – 1 positive and 2 negative pins. The Tobh also features a series of “fins” on the top cap that definitely look cool and also help keep the device cool. This thing is amazing. The device also features a copper 510 connection so it hits at full power.

The airflow design is what sets this mod apart from others. The Tobh features really big air flow holes (and even bigger in version 2.5). These allow you to get great ventilation with super-low ohm builds.

The inside of the top cap is conical which gets the air spinning as it moves through the device. This allows for maximum vapor production.

Check out this review if you’re interested in learning more. I’m so happy I got mine!

FDA Restrictions and the Future of Vaping

Current News

The Pill of Truth

E Cigarettes are not tobacco products.

I am not claiming that there should be some regulation for electronic cigarettes, but no matter what we call them, eCigs, cigarette, whatever, they’re not tobacco products, and shouldn’t be regulated as tobacco products.

Does Chantix Acceptance Tell Us Anything?

Look at the drug’s FDA acceptance of Chantix – it has known side effects which include psychotic breaks, homicide, suicide, and plain, right up mad. In a supposed attempt to resist addiction to smoking this awful drug was approved by the FDA. Were you conscious that when Chantix was before the FDA approval that was pending Pfizer did not have to show any studies proving the achievement rate in getting folks off smoking? This horrible drug’s success rate is a hapless 14%, despite the Chantix manufacturers touting a 44% rate of accomplishment. Does anyone know the percentage of individuals who were emotionally assaulted by Chantix?

The FDA and Electronic Cigarettes

It’s quite another narrative together with the FDA and cigarette isn’t it? Especially since an electronic cigarette just has one thing in common with analog smokes… nicotine. But then, are nicotine patches tobacco products? Nicotine Gum?

The FDA’s proposed regulations for ecig and the ease of acceptance for questionable drugs like Chantix raise serious dilemmas, not only about policy corruption but also personal liberties. Anyone who’s not beginning to challenge the ability of government to compel changes is not paying much attention. So, I’ll answer my own question. Can we trust the FDA? No, no we can’t.


The FDA declaring they can control cigarette as tobacco products is pure overreach. Reading the new FDA regulations, one of the entrances that we, and numerous others that have read them, like to point to is the FDA admitting that they “don’t currently have sufficient data about eCigarettes and similar products to ascertain what effects they have on the public health.” If that is true, on what do they base their claim to control them as tobacco products? Should there be evidence the need to regulate them as a tobacco product is before asserting their authority as a tobacco product, a clear and present danger?

Be Realistic

Not everything in the proposed regulations is poor nevertheless. It’s not even that people mind some regulation, just as long as the regulations make sense and aren’t composed below the same conditions as a tobacco merchandise could be. We know even though it goes against my Libertarian beliefs, it is inevitable. Sometimes, only sometimes, when an industry cannot self-control then perhaps, just perhaps, the government should step in. But actually…these regulations must not ever be under the guise of controlling a tobacco product. There are several provisions that people believe are good, though we believe they are able to be managed from within.